8 Fashion Forward Muslim Men You Need to Follow

8 Fashion Forward Muslim Men You Need to Follow

The Muslim men of the world are not to be underestimated. They are just as fierce in their faith and fashion choices as their female counterparts. It is assumed that a modest man is in long robes and a beard, bur a modest lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t be fashion forward. There are many talented male fashion designers who have embedded the love of their faith with a modern twist into their designs. Who says you can’t pray 5 times a day, fast, tame that beard with argon oil, and wear a well-fitted suit cuffed at the ankles so it’s appropriate for prayer?

Check out these 8 Muslim men who make modest modern fashion look good.

1. Subhi Taha

Taha is an American YouTuber and a fashion designer. Taha’s self-titled company is a unisex, modest wear line that is faith-inspired. He creates minimalistic handmade garments that don’t intend to accentuate or sexualize the body. He releases collections that are numbered and not identified by seasons because he doesn’t want his fashion restricted by time. You can wear these pieces at any time of year.

The philosophy of his company is to remind you that you are not defined by the superficial objects around you like how much money you have, how fancy your car is or even your body, but it is your mind that defines you. Taha’s style has proven to both unique and intriguing.

2. Jamel Sahia

Sahia is a gorgeous French fashion blogger and photographer. One need only peruse his Instagram feed to see how he has an eye for taking the simplest casual look and pairing it with pieces to make it aesthetically pleasing. He tends to wear loose fitting clothes, long jackets, cuffed ankle length pants, and neutral colors. His trademark is his huge collection of shoes, especially velcro sneakers that Sahia manages to make hot.

3. Farrukh Ershad

Founder of 5ive Pillars, Ershad is the perfect example of faith and modern fashion. He takes the most beautiful parts of Islam and the Arabic language and absorbs it into his fashion line. Even the name of his company is a nod to the 5 major pillars of Islam. Besides his clothing line, Ershad’s personal style is one to be emulated as well—this is the guy you told your boyfriend not to worry about. His style is ever changing but he is a risk taker, is not afraid of color, and has a love for dark reflective sunglasses.

4. Waseem Khan

This Pakistani-American music producer is handsome, talented, absolutely hilarious (check out his Snapchat/Instagram @WaseemStark) and the sweetest daddy to his new baby girl. He has a sleek style that keeps him looking young and fresh. He is not afraid to take risks in fashion and he loves bright colors, something a lot of guys tend to avoid. Whether he’s showing off his modeling skills for 5ive Pillars gear or rocking a sherwani on Eid with his family, he always looks on point. There is nothing hotter than a man in a well-fitted suit.

5. Husam Al-Deen

British photographer and videographer Al-Deen is of Arab descent and has some serious fashion skills. The man knows what he’s doing when it comes to finding beauty in simplicity. Al-Deen has a sophisticated yet edgy style that remains effortless. He reminds of a fashion-forward biker. Maybe it’s the leather jacket and the beard?

6. Zaahid Ahmed

Ahmed is a man of many talents. He is a photographer, designer, fashion blogger, and editor. He has a European flair and wears mostly neutral colors like black, white, and shades of gray. Hats, cuffed pants, and glasses seem to be his go-to look. He tends to incorporate modest wear into modern fashion and his blend of East and West fashion is truly trend-worthy.

7. Islaam Yasin

The handsome Yasin is one half of the multi-disciplinary studio, The Createl. Yasin and his partners work on everything from branding and logo design to photography, cinematography, 3D animations and more. Yasin is a photographer and designer. This British hottie is the Bollywood hero of your dreams in glasses and a sherwani.

8. Abbas Syed

Syed is Yasin’s partner in crime and while Yasin is a blend of cultures when it comes to fashion, Syed is the modern bad boy. His fashion sense is comfort first paired with dark glasses, well-fitted joggers, a hat and a wool coat. Like most guys, he’s always in neutrals and dark colors. Though 3/4ths of his closet may be black tees, he still makes it look cool.

Source: The Teal Mango

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